Criss Cross in the round

Knit Criss Cross Stitch In The Round. I love the woven pattern that this stitch creates.
Circular Knitting - Written instructions for Criss Cross stitch in the round. #knit #CircularKnitting #knittingintheround
Category: Pattern in the round
Download: PDF knitting pattern
Abbreviations: RS, WS: Right side, wrong side
ST, STS: Stitch, stitches
Rep: Repeat
TBL: Through the back loop
TFL: Through the front loop
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Zig Zag Jacquard

Zig Zag Jacquard stitch, two color slip stitch pattern. It looks complicated but isn’t. You only work one colour at a time.


Herringbone Knitting, so fun, so easy, with great results!