Zig Zag

Zig Zag Slip Stitch Knitting. Skill level: Advanced beginner/intermediate. Skills Required: Knit, Purl, Slip Stitch.
SLIP STITCH KNITTING. #howtoknit the Zig Zag stitch. FREE written instructions, PDF knitting pattern.  #knittingstitches #slipstitchknitting
Category: Textured stitches
Download: PDF knitting pattern
Abbreviations: RS, WS: Right side, wrong side
ST, STS: Stitch, stitches
Rep: Repeat
K: Knit
P: Purl
SL: Slip stitch
WYIB: With yarn in back
WYIF: With yarn in front


 Bubble Knitting stitch is a fun stitch creating a beautifully fabric, ideal for making  scarfs, bkankets, pillows, etc...

Garter Entrelac

Great tutorial to learn how to knit Garter Entrelac. The pattern is written in detail. Very easy to follow instructions.


Jacquard Slip stitch knitting pattern. Easy/quick to knit with chunky yarn and big needles

Stockinette Entrelac

Written instructions for hand knitting a basic entrelac sample. Great tutorial to learn how to knit entrelac.

Criss Cross in the round

Knit Criss Cross Stitch In The Round. I love the woven pattern that this stitch creates.

Zig Zag Jacquard

Zig Zag Jacquard stitch, two color slip stitch pattern. It looks complicated but isn’t. You only work one colour at a time.

Two-Color Brioche

Brioche Stitch in Two Colors in Knitting. It is not terribly difficult and makes for a wonderfully smooshy fabric.


Seafoam Drop Stitch Pattern. It is fun and easy to make, and looks beautiful in a variegated yarn.


Fretwork Mosaic Knitting. This is a good first pattern for trying color work and slipped stitches.


Three and One Tweed

3-1 Tweed Slip stitch pattern. Nice pattern with a 4 row repeat, easy to knit and easy to remember so you can knit on the go

Horizontal Chain

Horizontal Chain stitch. The Art of Slip-stitch Knitting. Easy way to use multiple colors in a pattern.


Hashtag Mosaic Knitting. It’s so easy to follow and it’s so fun to watch the hashtags materialize at you work.

Herringbone in the round

Knit Herringbone in the round. It's kind of tricky to get the hang of, but fairly simple.


Honeycomb Slip Stitch Knitting. Slipped stitches draw up the fabric to create this pattern similar to a wasp’s nest. The pattern is easy to follow, and I like the results.


Ballband stitch AKA Brick stitch, Brick wall stitch. A great way to add color and it also adds interesting texture

Wave and Box

Wave and Box works up quickly featuring a slipped stitch technique that creates a wonderful texture. - KnittingStitches.org

Groove Stripes

Groove Stripes Mosaic Knitting. This simple technique uses slip stitches to create a unique texture.


Snowball Knitting Stitch. Bobble Knititng. Bobble Stitch Pattern