Entrelac Knitting

Entrelac knitting is a unique knitting method that has the knitter creating little interlocking squares. It looks amazing, but truly is not particularly complicated.

Entrelac can be knit with any type of yarn; but, it is vital to use needles suitable for the yarn used. For beginners, it is recommended to use at least two colors as it helps to see the stitches. Using a circular needle makes it a bit easier to work the pattern, but you can opt for straight needles if you are more comfortable with them.

Before casting on, you need to calculate how many blocks you want in your fabric and how many stitches will be there in each block. Example, each block contains 6 stitches, and each tier contains 5 blocks, so you cast on 30 stitches.

Entrelac looks so much scarier than it actually is. Try these entrelac knitting patterns for your next project. Skills used and learned while knitting this square include pick up and knit, pick up and purl, decreases and (optionally) knitting and purling backward.

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